What is Browser Fingerprinting?

  • System platform (e.g. Win32, Linux x86)
  • System language (e.g. en-US)
  • Screen resolution and color depth
  • System Time Zone
  • Installed browser extensions and plugins such as QuickTime, Flash, Java, or Acrobat and their versions
  • Fonts installed on the computer, as reported by Java or Flash
  • Whether the browser executes JavaScript
  • Yes/no information stating whether the browser accepts various kinds of cookies and ‘super-cookies’
  • A hash of the image generated by canvas fingerprinting
  • A hash of the image generated by WebGL fingerprinting
  • Whether the browser is sending the Do Not Track header (Y/N)
  • The browser’s touchscreen support



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Radware Bot Manager


Radware Bot Manager(formerly ShieldSquare) is a non-intrusive API-based Bot Management solution to manage bot traffic from website and app. www.shieldsquare.com