The Impact Of Web Scraping

  • Scraping of unique content: You’ve invested considerably in professional content design and development to showcase your brand and attract an audience. If your competitor scrapes your valuable content soon after you publish it and reproduces it on his website, it negates the uniqueness of your content, puts your competitive edge at stake, and diminishes your brand value.
  • Revenue loss: When your competitive advantage is impacted by third-party scrapers and competitor bots, it’s quite likely that your customer base will shrink over time. Further, if you monetize your website with advertising, the drop in traffic will significantly impact ad revenue. Eventually, advertisers that partner with you may lower their bids or consider other publishers to place ads with.
  • Poor user experience: Bot traffic performing content and price scraping heavily loads your server infrastructure and slows down page loads and user access to APIs that carry out inventory availability checks, user authentication, location mapping, shopping carts, and payment processing. Moreover, scraper bots fill shopping carts and abandon them, rendering products unavailable to genuine users.
  • Form spam and fake leads: Bots are capable of filling web forms with fake data, and it can be difficult to differentiate between actual leads and spam leads.
  • Drop-in SEO rankings: Your content is your company’s intellectual property of your business, and when it is scraped or misused, it harms your SEO efforts and search engine visibility. Because Google prioritizes original content, scraped content downgrades your search engine rankings, and the scraper using your content can often end up ranking higher than your business in search results.
  • Distorted analytics: Your marketing and web teams rely on accurate analytics data such as page views, bounce rates, user demographics, and much more. Scraper bot traffic skews your analytics data and prevents you from being able to properly measure and forecast trends, ultimately hindering decision making.



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